For persons with reduced mobility

Unfortunately three of our projection rooms are only accessible by stairs (Bühne, Quelle & Gewölbekeller). We endeavour to cater to the needs of visitors with reduced mobility:

  • The "Film à la carte" offers you the possibility to watch films of your choice on separate viewing stations.
  • At the festival centre you'll receive more information about our rooms.
  • If you have any further questions or requests we are happy to help.


"Film à la carte"

The festival program is flexible and easily adaptable to every spectators' needs. It is our goal that every visitor can put together his or her individual film schedule. Therefore each film will be shown 2-5 times a day. Nevertheless if a  screening has been missed our "Film à la carte" offers a solution. On separate viewing stations you can watch films from our program individually. Please come to the information booth and we'll be happy to help you. 



The Snack Bar

The pick-up station of the snack bar is unfortunately not accesible by wheelchair. But we are happy to help you to receive your food and beverages as fast and uncomplicated as possible.